hakari contemporaryは、同時代を生きる優れたアーティストやキュレーターによって企図されるも、彼らを取り巻くさまざまな事情により実現の難しいエキシビションを現出するために株式会社基住によって設立されました。hakari contemporary は株式会社基住の主業である建築・不動産事業における10 か年計画「自然と共生する街づくり」実現に向けた投資的事業と位置付けられ、総じてアートマーケットの外延にあるコマーシャルギャラリーでは採算性などの観点から実行の難しい実験的作品やエキシビションを、アーティストやキュレーターを支援、協働することで率先して実現します。
hakari contemporary は美術業界の外側から現れた変化をもたらす異分子として、京都ひいては日本のアートシーンから、より広範な社会と人々に対してより良い変化をもたらす存在となることを志向します。

“Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.”
This is the proposition of Chapter 7, which concludes Wittgenstein’s work “Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus” .It is true that it is impossible to speak about the metaphysical realm or the realm of value, which includes aesthetic. However, art always seems to have a “Gaze” relationship with the viewer, showing us a realm that cannot be spoken of in any other way than through language.
After the global pandemic, various social issues have emerged in the world in which we live, mainly ethnic, national, economic, and environmental issues. For those of us living in a rapidly changing world, order and stability, as represented by the words “classic” and “traditional”, bring a sense of temporary comfort. What we really need is the opportunity to transcend established social structures, to traverse unspeakable territories, and to be presented with a myriad of choices, including innovation and transformation.
hakari contemporary was established by Kijyu Co., Ltd. to realize exhibitions that are planned by outstanding artists and curators of our time, but are difficult to realize due to the various circumstances surrounding them.hakari contemporary is positioned as an investment project to realize the 10-year plan “Urban Development in Harmony with Nature” in the construction and real estate business, which is the main business of Kijyu Co., Ltd. By supporting and collaborating with artists and curators, hakari contemporary will take the initiative in realizing experimental works and exhibitions that would be difficult for commercial galleries, which are generally located on the periphery of the art market, to execute from the standpoint of profitability.
hakari contemporary aims to be a change agent that emerges from outside the art world, and from the art scene in Kyoto and Japan, to bring about change for the better for society and people more broadly.

京都府京都市左京区岡崎円勝寺町140 ポルトド岡崎103

Porte de Okazaki #103, 140 Okazakienshoji-cho,
Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, Japan 606-8344

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Email : info@hakari.art